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Erotibot (2011)

Erotibot movie posterErotibot is an Japanese 2011 sci-fi (pretty much soft porn) film starring Yuuya Tokumoto, Mahiro Aine, Maria Ozawa, and Asami. The film is directed and written by Naoyuki Tomomatsu and distributed by Bounty Films. Note: There are no unicorns or magical ponies in this movie, but if you like Asian boobies and fan of one of the girls that is said above specially Maria Ozawa then you definitely must watch this.

This movie is about a squad of female ninja assassins that are hired by a ruthless magistrate. A handful of former lovers could ruin his carefully established ‘chaste’ reputation, so he sends the assassins out to take care of them. Things don’t go as expected when the magistrate’s opponent sends his own goons to capture the assassins. Battles ensue with a hilarious mix of martial arts, magic, and getting stripped for the sake of duty.

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